Balance Blocks 24 pack + 4 Free

Balance Blocks 24 pack + 4 Free

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28 sets of Balance Blocks for the price of 24

“Balance In A Bag”  Balance Blocks are for all ages and abilities! It only takes minutes a day to improve your balance!

 Are you an athlete who wants to increase core and leg strength? Are you someone recovering from an injury who wants to refine gross motor skills? Or, are you a parent or teacher who has a child needing to gain fine and gross motor skills? Balance Blocks can be used many different ways. Better your balance while having fun!


1. Stand on your right leg while holding the bag of blocks in one hand

2. Take out one block at a time and place it on your Right, Left, Back or Front depending on what direction is labeled on the block.

3. Stack the same directional blocks on top of each other. There will be a total of 3 per direction

4. Once finished, pick up all blocks and repeat while standing on the left leg. 

How to keep track of Progress:

1. Time how long it takes you to finish each round and how many times you touch the ground with your opposite leg, during that round.

2. Do 3 rounds of each leg a day for the best results.

Product Info:

12 Total Blocks: 3 Right (Red), 3 Left (Yellow), 3 Back (Blue), 3 Front (Green)

Double sided printing, made of grass wood and has environmental protection paint


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